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About us

Vitya Consultants Pvt. Ltd is (VCL) an Independent Consulting Company with a vision to focus and devote mainly in Environmental Science and Engineering besides making an attempt to provide end to end solutions as a Global perspective to make our Client’s Vision into Reality working very closely with client to make it to happen. VCL envisions a futuristic perspective of a formal knowledge organization in terms of providing reliable data, coupled with modelling efforts to mimic the reality, adding its tacit knowledge with a collective perception of work ethic by effective interaction of its TEAM and users.

VCL believes that the key to success is the ability to work effectively with the clients to define, address, and resolve their environmental concerns. VCL offers technical talent, specialized expertise, physical resources and requisite facilities that are important in responding to water and environmental issues. The quality of work and timely completion of the project are of paramount importance in each assignment VCL undertakes.

We evaluate our success based on the extent to which our solutions have brought about the desired business outcomes to our customers. We're an agile organization, completely focused on delivering results for our customers and partners.

Major Thrust areas include:

   To render assistance to the industries of the region, Industries, Private players who concern more on Environmental issues, local bodies, etc. in solving the problems of environmental pollution.

   Water resources Engineering

   Water Management

   Wastewater management

   Urban Environment Improvement

   GIS based applications for various needs

   Renewable Energy and Its Efficiency studies

   Clean Development Mechanism

    IT Based applications in Real Estate, Infrastructure Management etc.,

Further, VCL is very keen to interact and collaborate with academic and research institutions on environmental science and engineering for mutual benefit.

Thus, the Company is dedicated to the service industry by providing innovative and effective solutions to environmental and natural resource problems with innovative approaches to optimal utilization and conservation of environmental resources.

VCL Provides end to end solutions to concept to commissioning stage, which includes,

During Conceptual Stage

   Pre-Feasibility Study

   Preliminary Engineering

   Environmental Impact Assessment

Design Stage

   Field Surveys and Investigations

   Assistance in Master Planning Stage

   Design of Infrastructure Services

   Land Development

   Road Network

   Water Supply System

   Sewerage System

   Storm Water Drainage System

   Electrical system

   Solid Waste Management System

   Design of Social Infrastructure / Common facilities


   Project Costing & Budgeting

   Tendering / Bid Process Management

Development Stage

   Project Management & Construction Supervision

VCL has competent and experienced team in various core disciplines of relevance to environmental Science and Engineering.