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Environment Management

VCL aims to build a sustainable future, working closely with a wide variety of interest groups and community-based organizations, governments and funding agencies. Protecting vulnerable ecosystems and promoting sustainable management of natural resources - all while stimulating economic development. The key to our approach lies in formulating viable development strategies that neither exhaust the vital resources nor threaten the biodiversity. The optimum use of the natural resources, safe supply and disposal methods as well as preservation and restoration of the environment are challenging tasks of great urgency and complexity and we are continuously collaborating in the solution of these problems. VCL provides following services in environmental management sector:

   Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Management Plan and Obtaining Clearance from State and Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) and Respective Agencies for

   Hydropower Sector and Multipurpose Irrigation Projects

   Road Projects

   Chemical Industries

   Residential Townships including SEZs etc.,

   Industries such as Cement, Oil Industries, Food Processing Industries, Bulk Drug industries etc.,

   Common/Combined Effluent Treatment Plants

   Other Sectors as per the requirement of EIA notification.

   Environmental Audit and Risk Assessment

   Environmental Monitoring and Environmental Field Studies

   Environmental Engineering and Planning

   Waste Water Recycle and Reuse

   Water Resource Management and Rainwater Harvesting

   Acoustic/Noise Monitoring and Control

   Environmental Awareness

   Post Clearance monitoring and compliance of projects

   River Basin Management

   Coastal Zone Management

   Wetland Management

   Forestry Management

   Biodiversity and Habitat Conservation